Healthy dining out – five tips

If you are on a healthy diet plan, earing in a restaurant doesn’t have sabotage your intentions. Even though this may sound strange, there are some eating strategies you can use while you are out with friends or family. You shouldn’t feel pressure because many restaurants are health – conscious and prepare special meals for their patrons. But, in case you are still worried, we have a couple of tips for you, which can help you handle this experience.

Prepare a plan

If you plan to visit a restaurant at night, you should have a big lunch, which will keep you sated. Or, if you know ahead of time you are going to the restaurant, then plant a lighter meal during the day. Knowing the menu and type of cooking will help you order easier, especially if you have some special eating needs or habits.

Choose a restaurant

It is much simpler to handle this issue when you know the restaurant you are visiting. On the other hand, you can always review a couple of them, before you make a decision. Check their menus and nutrition information ahead of time, it will help you select your meal easier, and you won’t disrupt your diet plan.

Combine when ordering

foodWhen you are choosing a meal, you can always see the ingredients and nutrition value. If some ingredient doesn’t go with your diet plan, politely ask the water to remove it from the dish. Or, if you are choosing some salad with chicken, ask for dressing on the side, so you can control the amount you use. Also, you can always ask them to give you more vegetables or fruits.


Always have a backup plan, many restaurants want to indulge their clients, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them about menus or to make some additional request. After all, they all depend on patrons, and if clients aren’t satisfied with their services, it could affect their business.

Control potions

It doesn’t matter how much you are hungry; your portions should be controlled and balanced. Many restaurants serve huge portions, and often two people can eat one meal. If this is the case with your restaurant, then you should share a portion with your friend or spouse, or you can eat a small portion and bring leftovers home for another meal. The less you are, the better you will feel.

Cameron Wood

Hi, my mane is Cameron Wood and welcome to my blog. I have been working as a nutritionist for 20 years, and I believe I can transfer you a valuable experience. We in Britain are very health – conscious and we take of our health and groceries we eat. In this way, I want to help my readers discover new recipes which will improve their bodily function and assist them in staying healthy. I hope you enjoy reading my blog.