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The best refreshment drinks


During hot summer days, or during cold winter months, we need something that will keep us hydrated and refreshed, and there is no better way than to fix yourself a nice drink. Nowadays, you can buy almost anything in the grocery stores, but, if you can make a sweet and refreshing drink, then avoid beverages that are full of carbs and sugars. It will harm your body and cause to gain weight. So, we have some suggestions for you, make tasty and delicious drinks which will boost up your mood and help you overcome long winter.

Chamomile lavender tea

This mixture can be served both hot and cold. In this case, you just make regular lavender tea and then add a bit of lavender. Floral taste is both refreshing and relaxing. You can serve it with ice during summer, of hot during winter. The chamomile will soothe your nerves and help you fall asleep.

Peanut butter banana smoothie

This may sound strange, but this smoothie is a really refreshing and a protein-rich drink. Place coconut cream or milk into the food processor, then one spoon of peanut butter and a banana. If you want to intensify the flavor, you can add vanilla extract. Mix everything and pour it into glasses. For a creamier taste, add ice to the food processor while blending.

Lemon juice

For this beverage, you will need six to seven lemons, mint leaves, sugar and ice cubes. To make a lemon juice, squeeze the lemons and add water. Depending on your preferences, you can add up to 3 liters of water, then added sugar and serve the juice with fresh mint leaves.

Ice tea

Ice tea is probably one of the easiest beverages to make. You just choose the tea you like to most, add sugar and ice cubes. This is a perfect summer refreshment and depending on the tea; you can also experience the health benefit while enjoining the summer afternoon.


This naturally fermented drink is extremely healthy and very easy to make. If you want to make kombucha on your own, you brew two litres of black or green tea and sweeten it, then add a kombucha mushroom. Let it infuse there for 24 hours, then strain it and your drink is ready for serving.